Saturday, 20 October 2012

Jenny Agutter - "China 9, Liberty 37" - 1978

Today I give you 3 "wet" scenes and a special "Bonus" scene from the 1978 movie "China 9, Liberty 37" starring Jenny Agutter, 

Plot:  Gunslinger Clayton Drumm (Fabio Testi) is given a last-minute reprieve from the rope if he agrees to kill land owner Matthew Sebanek (Warren Oates) who won't sell up to the railroad. On route he happens upon Matthews wife Catherine (Jenny Agutter) who is bathing in a stream.The would-be killer and his potential victim meet and quickly become close friends, and he realises he can't commit the crime for which he has been hired to carry out and leaves town with the victim's wife. This sets off a cross-country chase between Matthew, the railroad and Clayton and Catherine. 

............  and finally here is the bonus scene I promised.

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