Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Linda Blair - Savage Streets - sc2 - 1984

An altercation between a group of girls out for the night and a gang of local punks leaves the punks vowing revenge . . . . .  that revenge starts with the vicious gang-rape of a young mute girl called Heather (Linnea Quigley) . . . . then her older sister, Brenda (Linda Blair), starts hunting the gang down one by one. . . . Armed with bear traps and crossbow she makes them all pay . . .


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Diane Lane - "A Walk On The Moon" - 1999

IMDB: The world of a young housewife (Diane Lane) is turned upside down when she has an affair with a free-spirited blouse salesman. Here she is with her co-star larking about and making out under a waterfall.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Jenny Agutter - "China 9, Liberty 37" - 1978

Today I give you 3 "wet" scenes and a special "Bonus" scene from the 1978 movie "China 9, Liberty 37" starring Jenny Agutter, 

Plot:  Gunslinger Clayton Drumm (Fabio Testi) is given a last-minute reprieve from the rope if he agrees to kill land owner Matthew Sebanek (Warren Oates) who won't sell up to the railroad. On route he happens upon Matthews wife Catherine (Jenny Agutter) who is bathing in a stream.The would-be killer and his potential victim meet and quickly become close friends, and he realises he can't commit the crime for which he has been hired to carry out and leaves town with the victim's wife. This sets off a cross-country chase between Matthew, the railroad and Clayton and Catherine. 

............  and finally here is the bonus scene I promised.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Christine Tremarco - Hold Back the Night (1999)

 Courtesy of IMDB: A young woman (Christine Tremarco) joins a group of protesters trying to stop the construction of a highway through a forest with the purpose of having sex with their leader. But when morning comes and the authorities show up to disband the protesters, she hits a man with a log. This causes the two to have to go on the run. With the help of a sickly, but sympathetic woman (Sheila Hancock), the two slip through police roadblocks. Traveling with her, they learn she is an ex-army lesbian who just wants to see a final sunrise at the Orkney Islands before her death.


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Janet Margolin - "Last Embrace" - (1979)

When his wife is killed in a restaurant shoot-out, intelligence man Harry Hannan has a breakdown and finds that his department don't want him back. Someone's trying to kill him and it could be them . . . . . His only ally seems to be mousy Ellie Fabian (Janet Margolin) who has managed to move into his New York apartment.


Honor Blackman - "The Fight for Rome" (1968) aka Kampf um Rom I

The film is based on the novel "A Struggle for Rome" written by Felix Dahn in 1876 and describes the fight of the Ostrogoths for Italy from the death of their king Theoderic the Great until their doom in 552 AD. The movie is full of palace intrigues and monumental battles between Goths, Romans and Byzantines. In this scene, Amalaswintha, played by Honor Blackman, meets her watery grave.


Virginia Madsen - "Creator" - 1985

Heres Virginia Madsen in one of her early movies, Creator from 1985.

IMDB Plot: Dr. Harry Wolper (Peter OToole) is a character. First he steals Boris, a new student assistant by promising him a co-ed's phone number. Then he hijacks new high tech equipment for his own research, confusing the other university researchers who can't see "the big picture." Harry has a plan, he wants to clone his dead wife, but first he needs an egg and a host. He mounts his search by stapling notices to every telephone pole in town from his bike, which is how he meets Mili (Mariel Hemingway). As the year progresses, he sees Boris' romance follow the same pattern as his own, twenty-five years ago.


Cathy Lee Crosby - "Coach" 1978

IMDB Plot: Olympic Gold medalist, Coach Randy Rawlings (Cathy Lee Crosby) is hired to coach a boys basketball team. When the school's sexist principal discovers he's hired a woman he is unable to fire her because of discrimination laws, so he tries to make sure the team loses, then he can fire her for poor performance . . . . Her behavior with her student is just a little inappropriate and would not only get her fired these days, but arrested too.