Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Linda Blair - "Chained Heat" - 1983 - UPGRADED VERSION.

Upgraded version of the shower scene . . . . . . . . In this classic WIP sexploitation flick, Linda Blair plays Carol Henderson, an immature and naive teenager who is sentenced to 18 months in a women's prison for accidentally killing a man. Once there she encounters the two kingpin prisoners, Ericka (Sybil Danning) and Duchess (Tamara Dobson), who are the leaders of factions in the facility's seething racial tensions. There are also the drug-dealing lesbian rapists and the prostitutes who answer to the warden's assistant, Captain Taylor (Stella Stevens). In the meantime, Taylor's lover is clandestinely having an affair with Ericka. It's a whirlwind of dread and fury, but when the facility's corrupt administration goes too far, racial considerations are put aside as convicts of all colors and nationalities band together to fight them . . . . . .


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