Monday, 23 April 2012

Anna Friel - The War Bride - 2001

It's September, 1940 - London - It's the height of the Blitz and two young women, Lily (Anna Friel) and Sophie (Julie Cox) work as seamstresses in a small shop in the East End. Growing up together in an orphanage, the girls are best of friends and, despite the nightly bombings, carry on as any ordinary 20 year-old women - working hard and playing hard.

One night at the local dance hall, they meet and fall madly in love with two Canadian servicemen, Charlie Travis (Aden Young) and his new best friend, Louie Maldoff. Charlie regales Lily with stories of his family's huge "John Wayne style ranch" on the Canadian Prairies "near Hollywood". Although she's impressed, Lily is also a bit dubious.

Less than two weeks later the couples are married and the boys are shipped off to the front. Lily and Sophie try to carry on with their lives as before, except Lily is now expecting Charlie's baby. Mere months after her daughter is born, Lily and Sophie receive transportation instructions from the Canadian Embassy that they are to be shipped across the sea to their new Canadian in-laws. But the question is, where are they going and to what?

The War Bride

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